Resolute HR Management

Career Development

RESOLUTE HR MANAGEMENT will set the guidelines for the organization to develop the employee’s career and help to achieve a high retention rate within the organization. The guidelines will help the organization to do the following tasks:



  • Match individual and organization needs


  • Encourage employee ownership of career.
  • Create a supportive context.
  • Communicate direction of company.
  • Establish mutual goal setting and planning.


  • Identify career opportunities & requirements


  • Identify future competency needs.
  • Establish job progressions and career paths
  • Balance promotions, transfers, exits


  • Gauge Employee Potential


  • Measure competencies (appraisals).
  • Establish talent inventories
  • Establish succession plans.


  • Introduce Career Development initiatives


  • Provide workshops.
  • Provide career self-management training
  • Give developmental feedback