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Who we are

We Simplify Businesses.

Resolute HR Management offers a wide range of outsourcing solutions and services in the field of human resources – all designed to give  freedom to focus on the core business operations to our clients. In doing so, they have consistently moved up the value chain. Our clients have thoroughly recognized the value in partnering with us. We have helped them use outsourcing as a powerful business strategy, boost efficiency & to free up resources, boost efficiency and performance and increase overall profitability.

Our mission

We provide quality services, glean the best practices/ approaches being adopted by the industry worldwide and extend them to our clients for the maximum benefit.

Our services

HR Management

RESOLUTE HR MANAGEMENT provide different services in the domain of Human Resources Management:  Human Resources Planning & Management  Job Analysis  Recruitment Management & Placement  Payroll and Compliance Management  Performance Management & Gap Analysis  Training and Career Development  Compensation & Benefits

Job Analysis

RESOLUTE HR MANAGEMENT will work closely with you to analyze the organization’s jobs and design them to achieve the organization’s objective and at the same time satisfies the needs of the employees who will do them.

Human Resources Planning and Management

RESOLUTE HR MANAGEMENT will work closely with you to plan for the organization’s human resources, identifying and documenting needs to labour forecasts and management systems..

Recruitment Management and Job Placement

Let us complete your recruiting and selection process. This can be as an integrated joint service or a completely outsourced one.

Payroll and Compliance Management

o Payroll compliance is the consolidated set of activities involved in the production of the payroll, capturing the data and controlling it along with the calculation of allowances, deduction, benefits and the net wages. RESOLUTE HR MANAGEMENT are masters at this sometimes complex set of tasks.

Performance Management

We will help you measure their organizational strategic objectives with their operational objectives. We will strategically guide you through necessary steps..

Training and Development

RESOLUTE HR MANAGEMENT will work with you to implement the four phases of training and development within your unique company.

Career Development

RESOLUTE HR MANAGEMENT will set the guidelines for the organization to develop the employees’ career and help to achieve a high retention rate within the organization.

Compensation and Benefits

We'll will set the guidelines for your organization to develop the employees' careers and help to achieve a high retention rate within your organization.

Incentive Rewards

Incentive plans emphasize a shared focus on organizational objectives by broadening the opportunities for incentives to employees throughout the organization.

Employee Benefits

RESOLUTE HR MANAGEMENT will work with your company to develop the benefit plan that's right for you, your company no matter what size and scope.

Human Resources Training Programs

Human Resources has become an increasingly demanding job and task. We'll set you on a path with the right courses at the right time to keep your staff challenged, fresh, confident and competent.

We love employers and employees

There’s no greater thrill than helping a company and helping a new employee take the first steps toward a bright new future. We’ll work with you both to make it happen.

COMPLETE HR Management
for companies

End-to-end HR management is our specialty. From hiring to bookkeeping with accuracy and timeliness we’ve worked with dozens of customers.

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